This one time, I met Steven Van Zandt. Photo © of David Doyle.

This one time, I met Steven Van Zandt. Photo © of David Doyle.

Roqueandrolle is an Irish music website run by Amelia Conophy, a Dublin-based blogger who turned to writing after accepting that a career as a musician was not suited to the tone-dumb.

Set up in August 2012, my main aim is to feature and follow music from all over Ireland using a mix of reviews, news, interviews, featured songs and videos, as well as including an unnecessary amount of rhyme.

Also a Music Management student at BCFE, I am now taking my formative steps into the world of event management as myself and four friends have just founded Donut Promotions. Our aim is to run some really fun events which at the same time showcase as many exciting acts as humanely possible. We promise you great things for 2014; keep your eyes and ears peeled.

If you want to contact me or just listen to some of my more, eh, unabridged ramblings, do feel free to follow me on any or all of these social mediums: Facebook, TwitterTumblr and Instagram.

Failing those options, if you want to have a proper chat about something blog-related, (submissions, feedback, etc.) I do have a contact form available to all, so make sure to get in touch!

I hope you enjoy your stay.


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