SINGLE: Rhob Cunningham – The Head Collector.

rhob cunningham - The Head Collector - HCfront-2 So I’ll admit that my return to blogging didn’t quite go as planned, but yesterday I heard something that was a little too special not to write about. Singer-songwriter Rhob Cunningham—whom I first laid ears on way back in 2011—has just released an eleven-minute meandering masterpiece called The Head Collector.

Opening with a soothing crackling sound, the song transforms in more ways than you could possibly imagine; a beautifully visual evolution in terms of both music and lyrics. An appearance from the exquisite Cathy Davey around halfway through lends a wonderful, bewitching dimension which perfectly compliments Conor O’Brien’s vividly haunting work on the production side of things.

Having recently sojourned to Berlin, it’s unlikely that we’ll be seeing anything in the way of live performances from Rhob over here any time soon. Regardless, having heard a few of his new songs at a gig last month in Anseo, I’m sincerely hopeful that enough people will buy this song and help raise enough funds to get this new album finished.

Go show Rhob some love on Facebook & Twitter.

It might be soon, it might be a while, but hopefully I’ll talk to you again soon.

rhob cunningham - The Head Collector - The Head Collector - rhobcathyconor


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