VIDEO: Villagers – Occupy Your Mind.


If you’re in the mood for something a little more trippy this evening, please let me point you in the direction of Villagers‘ new video for Occupy Your Mind directed by Alden Volney. The track itself débuted last night with Zane Lowe on BBC1, and having seen it performed live twice now I can definitely confirm that it’s one of the more chilling releases we’ve heard from Villagers with it’s utterly hedonistic sound and politically-charged lyrics.

I don’t know if Conor O’Brien and co. were aware of how interesting a time it was for this video to drop in Ireland; not only is their original message about the horrific homophobia which is rampant throughout Putin’s Russia incredibly poignant, but here in Ireland we are also in the midst of a high-profile LGBT equality debate known fondly as Pantigate. Conor’s message to his listeners is:

In the advent of the 2014 Olympics in Sochi, please find attached a song written for you, your mother, your father and your gay brothers and sisters in Russia. 

Here our problems are a little different, and if you’re not aware of what’s been going on, I suggest you read this piece written by my friend Donal about how a few right-wing loonies have taken the word homophobia away from homosexuals. For even more context, make sure to watch Panti Bliss’ beautiful Noble Call at the Abbey Theatre here.

Occupy Your Mind is available to download from iTunes now and you can watch the video below.


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