VIDEO: The Mighty Stef – The Nightwatchman Of The Iveagh Flats.

The Mighty Stef have been causing quite a stir since the release of their Iveagh Flats EP, what with a well-received first single in Vampire, Hold Me Tightfollowed by a successful three-night residency Upstairs At Whelan’s at the end of last year. Never ones to rest on their laurels, TMS are back with a second single from the EP and another video by Lindsey Byrne, this time for The Nightwatchman Of The Iveagh Flats.

The band describe the video as “the tale of of a local rock band who incur the wrath of an irate neighbour who later falls foul to the calmly psychotic, local vigilante known as the nightwatchman. [sic]” Continuing very much in the fractious, gritty vein that makes them who they are, it is clear that with producer Alain Johannes now at the helm, The Mighty Stef are dead-set on releasing their finest material yet.

The single is available to pre-order from iTunes now! Don’t forget that you can also buy the EP on vinyl (plus free digital download) from their website for just €7 plus shipping.

The Mighty Stef are celebrating the release of The Nightwatchman Of The Iveagh Flats this Friday 31st January at Whelan’s with special guests SOnance HOtel and The Statics. Tickets €12.50 (incl. booking fee)


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