SINGLE: Meltybrains? – Green, Yellow & Purple.


Until now, I hadn’t had the time to watch the video for Meltybrains? new single, Green, Yellow & Purple, because in case you weren’t aware, the song is ten minutes long. Never the sort to do things by the book, this track from Meltybrains? is as eclectic as anything they’ve ever released, with flourishes of electronica, post-rock, alt-rock and everything else in between.

The video was created by Louise Gaffney using “ink, water and a fish tank” and incorporates the most fantastic psychedelic visuals which include some live footage of the band shot at Block B Studios in Smithfield.

Meltybrains? are currently touring the US after a successful Fund:it campaign which had some rather fabulous rewards, so until the lads have their feet back on Irish soil, make sure to check out the incredible video below. (Make yourself a nice cup of tea first!)

You can also buy the song from either their Soundcloud or Bandcamp and stream it below.


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