SINGLE: Scott Maher – If We Were Lovers.

scott maher

My pal Scott Maher (Who you may recognise as the guitarist from The Shoos) has just gone and released a new single to take away the January blues! It’s his first solo material in five years and hopefully the sign of more new music to come. With quirky lyrics and a distinctly rockabilly feel, it’s an upbeat, fun little pop song which will have you tapping your feet in no time. It was recorded in The Bunker in Tallaght with Keith Farrell on double bass and Binzer Brennan on drums, so I’d suggest that you give it a listen and then head on over to iTunes to purchase!

The video itself is as summery as it gets, and features Tim Fernley of Gypsy Rebel Rabble fame on bass and Michael Meakin on drums. The story is basically a bloke searching for love online, and finds solace in the arms of a blow up doll… I’ll leave the rest up to your imagination.

PS. Don’t forget to follow Scott on Twitter, he’s new!


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