VIDEO: Raglans – Lady Roll Back The Years.

lady roll back the years

Today is a good day: the video for Raglans’ upcoming single, (Lady) Roll Back The Years by their filmmaker-in-crime Finn Keenan has finally hit the internet! Now, whilst this won’t be a track unfamiliar to anyone who has seen Raglans live or has their eponymous début EP, this is a totally re-recorded and revamped version with guitarist Sean O’Brien taking the helm. Although less wacky than some of their previous exploits with Keenan (Think Digging Holes and Natives) it follows the band’s recent exploits around London, paired with some gorgeous black and white live footage.

(Lady) Roll Back The Years will be released as a single on the February 28th and their self-titled début album will be hitting Irish shores on the 21st of March, and I for one simply cannot wait!

Don’t forget to say hello to the Raglads over on Facebook and Twitter, they tend to be quite friendly.


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