NEW MUSIC: Women’s Christmas – Tremendous EP

Tremendous EP

I was lucky enough to catch Women’s Christmas at their début gig in Siteation way back in September, so it is with great pleasure on this Women’s Christmas that I present to you their Tremendous EP (Currently resisting the urge to describe it as “tremendous.”) Made up of the “most rugged ones from Jogging, Villagers and No Monster Club,” their sound is most certainly rugged and awash with fuzzy guitars, gravelly vocals and pulsating drums.

The EP itself was released on Any Other City Records, produced by Mark Chester and boasts some rather lovely artwork by Chris Judge. It has six excellent tracks (Summer Born, Winter Bred is my current favourite) and costs €2.99 for digital download from their Bandcamp. However, if you’re feeling a little nostalgic and have an extra euro to spare, then you can pick yourself up one of the limited edition cassettes! There are a mere 100 in existence, and will come in either pink or blue with a colour-coordinated version of the artwork, and of course included in the price is immediate digital download.

Check out Women’s Christmas on Bandcamp, and make sure to keep up with them on Facebook and Twitter.

Women’s Christmas play Whelan’s Ones To Watch Festival this week at 23:30 on Thursday 9th in the Upstairs venue. Tickets are €5 for one night, or €10 for entry over all four nights.


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