An apology, an explanation, and a new Hot Sprockets video.

‘Sorry’ is probably the most appropriate way to start this post. It’s been about two months since I actually wrote anything, or even managed to make it as far as opening the submissions folder in my inbox… I’m not quite sure what happened, I’ve been to so many great gigs that would have been fantastic to talk about but each time I sat down to write, the words just simply wouldn’t come to me. It’s obviously some sort of writer’s block, and it really managed to put a dent in my confidence.

It feels like I’ve really let you all down, this blog was really gathering momentum and I know that it’s going to be difficult to get that back but I’m going to try my utmost to reply to all my submissions and return to writing regularly as soon as possible.

So on that note, I’ll leave you with the latest video from The Hot Sprockets for their new single Comin’ On which will be released next Friday, September 20th. It’s good to be back.

PS. Thanks to the person who sent me an e-mail asking if I’d died, it’s nice to be loved! ♥

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