Animal House EP.

Franko Franko EP LaunchThis Friday 5th July sees one of Dublin’s most eclectic new bands launch their début EP at the Twisted Pepper. Franko Franko—who you may recall me posting about before—have spent the last few months in the studio honing their sound and working on that all-important first release.

So with that, it’s time to say hello to the Animal House EP, and I think it’s fair to say that it has turned out to be as fascinating and bizarre as expected. Opening with Top Shelf, the first thing you’ll notice is the heavy, rhythmic drum and bass which will drive throughout the entire record. A heavily textured offering; swirling guitars and those signature ’60s vocal harmonies will have your head spinning in a most delightful way.

Far From Home takes those textures one step further, upping the tempo and layering aggressive synthesisers to create a dark, dramatic atmosphere. This is followed by what is probably my favourite track on the album, Slow. Opening with Psychedelic Pill styled whistling, the guitars now take to the fore and build to glorious intensity. The closer, title track Animal House, is where all the bizarre animal references come together. Monkeys, cobras, elephants and countless other zoo creatures are all mentioned in this final, possibly ’90s Crazy Horse guitar-influenced, jam number.

The Animal House EP is available for streaming in full below, and if you like what you hear I suggest that you get on down to the launch gig tomorrow where you’ll receive a free EP upon entry. Tickets are a mere €5 and support on the night comes from Pixies-eque Slackers’ Symphony so make sure to get down early!

[UPDATE: Sadly Franko Franko have called it a day and their EP has thus been removed from Soundcloud, but is still available for €4 from their Bandcamp]

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