We Still Build Forts.

Red Sail

A few weeks ago I saw Red Sail, a Dublin-based folk/vocal trio, at one of Sweeney’s Dimestore Recordings and today I have their brand new EP, We Still Build Forts, to enthuse to you about.

Recorded with Tony Fitz in Pickering (You can read all about the recording process if you’re into that mad technical stuff here), the EP begins assuredly, precisely as it means to continue, with the powerful Wheel Your Wings Home that opens with the gorgeous sound of the cello, courtesy of Vyvienne Long, whilst making the most of Sarah McWeeney’s exquisite vocals, all accompanied by piano and acoustic guitars.

The piano leads into Whole Again, which sees McWeeney taking a step back from lead vocals, passing the baton to Dan Comerford who does a superb job leading the mellow ballad. Sailing Song is built predominantly on the strength of the trio’s vocal harmonies that guide an ensemble of acoustic guitars. McWeeney returns to the fore on both Balcony Balloons and the stunning Collide, which brings We Still Build Forts to a remarkable finish.

It’s very difficult to pinpoint what it is exactly that makes Red Sail such an impressive band, but perhaps it’s simply, well, their simplicity. Each member is, quite frankly, an extremely accomplished musician who can really write a song. There’s no filler, no nonsense whatsoever in fact. Vocal harmonies that even Crosby, Stills & Nash would find intimidating manage to catapult these guys far above your average folk-y type band; certainly no mean feat!

We Still Build Forts will be released on Saturday, so it’s not available to stream yet, but in the meantime you can watch the video for the first single, Sailing Song, below! You can download both this EP, along with their previous offering, Paper Cutouts, from iTunes now.

Red Sail will be launching We Still Build Forts on the 15th June (Saturday) upstairs in Whelan’s with support from two of my very favourite acts, Biggles Flys Again and Sive. Admission is €5 and you also receive a free copy of the EP, so I hope to see you all there in full force! Buy your tickets in advance from WAV Tickets or on the door.

Remember to follow Red Sail on Facebook and Twitter.


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