Sunlight – This Other Kingdom.

SunlightDescribed as a fusion of “space rock,” “post-punk,” and “neo psychedelia,” Dublin based This Other Kingdom have certainly set themselves a challenge for their EP, Sunlight. Released on April 13th with an in-store at Tower Records, it unveiled the latest incarnation of the band, featuring Del Keaton on vocals, Declan Dunne on guitar, and Fran Mulholland on bass.

Opening with the raucous I’m Still Here, you could be forgiven for mistaking it for something by The Doors. Keaton’s vocals in particular are certainly reminiscent of the legendary baritone stylings of both Jim Morrison and Eric Burdon. That’s not to say this sounds like some kind of ’60s rehash though, what This Other Kingdom manage to achieve is something far more unique. Lofty keyboards and pulsating percussion manage to drive their sound straight into the 21st century.

Fine Line drags the band right into the realm of psychedelia with its ethereal vocal harmonies and aggressive, fuzzbox guitars which pave the way for the rest of the EP. Title track, Sunlight, somehow manages to remind me of Achtung Baby-era U2. The lurching, distorted rhythms certainly sound like the throwback to post-punk that the band promised us.

The record closes with Vacate The Horror, an intense, dystopian march which is driven by the band’s signature, pounding percussion. It’s heavy and heady with a pulsating sense of confusion that lingers long after the final chords fade to nothing. Overall Sunlight is a very solid offering; it manages to showcase the band’s talents—their effective harmonies, their use of reverb—but somehow just falls short of being the finished product. The similarity of the tracks lends itself to a very cohesive sound, but sadly this does mean that after a few listens it all begins to sound a little bit “samey.” A full-length album would no doubt sort this out, and perhaps somewhat more raw production values which could capture the real, live energy that This Other Kingdom have to offer.

This Other Kingdom have a handful of gigs coming up, including May 20th at Whelan’s, the 23rd May at Sweeney’s Dimestore Sessions and the 25th May at The Twisted Pepper, so make sure to get yourself to a gig soon!

You can listen to I’m Still Here below, or listen to the EP in full on their Soundcloud. You can also buy either the physical copy from Tower Records or download it from their Bandcamp. Make sure to keep up with the band’s news and updates on both Facebook and Twitter!


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