Everyone, meet Moo.

Tall Tales EP

I received an e-mail from a Dublin-based band called Moo who have recently released their latest EP, Tall Tales. Recorded in the brilliantly named Punkahontas Studios in Dublin, this six track offering showcases a very unique combination of everything from rockabilly to bluegrass, whilst still remaining intrinsically rock and roll.

Moo are a three-piece band comprising of Claudio Mercante on guitar, Darren Flynn on bass and Mark Finlay on drums, with all three sharing vocal duties.

Opening with the gritty Eli Jones, I’d be shocked if your initial reaction is anything other than wanting to get up and dance! This is rock and roll music in its purest form; it’s fun, melodious and full of sweet, disorderly rhythms. The Little Boat and Long Way Down continue in that same rootsy vein, whilst taking a somewhat more acoustic approach; the latter employing violins to really drive home that Southern, Americana vibe.

Man Of Habit is a straightforward yet effective honky-tonk rocker—it’s easy to see why this was chosen as the lead single, here we have a total sing-along tune with a superb chorus. These final three tracks are where Moo’s rockabilly sensibilities really come to the fore. Although Restless Blues is a somewhat more sombre affair, it definitely maintains the band’s characteristic swing, whilst also practising their intricate songwriting skills. The closing track, Running Fool, picks the pace up once more with a crescendo of guitars, tambourines and everything in between; a rather fitting end to a record which wastes absolutely no time holding back.

Have a listen to Tall Tales below, and if you like what you hear, you can download it now from both iTunes and AmazonMP3.

You can catch Moo live at Vantastival on May 4th! For other dates and more general news, keep up with the band on Facebook and Twitter.

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