Midnight Missing.

Dirty Epics

I first saw Dirty Epics back in 2011 when they opened for The Riptide Movement in Whelan’s, and although I remember being impressed by their sheer energy on stage, they did kind of fall off my radar for a while.

That is, until today. Their second album, One Way Mirror, is out now, and below is the brand-new video for their single, Midnight Missing. It was directed by Vincent Gallagher and produced by Fail Safe Films, and tells the story of a Operation Midnight Climax, which involved the CIA, brothels, some unsuspecting San Franciscans and LSD. Delightful!

If you haven’t heard Dirty Epics before, they manage to be a seamless blend of The Pixies and Blondie; this is proper new-wave, post-punk music. In fact, the tenacity and individuality of lead singer SJ Wai should instantly remind you of Blondie’s Debbie Harry, be it the distinctive vocal or her perfectly eccentric dress-sense.

If you like what you’re hearing, be sure to check out Dirty Epics on Facebook and Twitter, and head on over to iTunes to investigate the albums or some singles!


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