St. Patrick’s Day with Le Galaxie.

Le GalaxieLe Galaxie – The Button Factory (17th March 2013)

I don’t know what you were doing last night, but if you weren’t at The Button Factory you were definitely in the wrong place. I’m ashamed to admit that it was my first Le Galaxie gig, somehow managing to evade them like the plague at every gig I went to, possibly convinced that their live show would be too dance-y for me…

Fucking hell was that a mistake.

The night was nothing short of superb songs, a fantastically sweaty performance and an outstanding light show; Le Galaxie managed to put on one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. Between copious amounts of glow sticks and the band clambering up the sound system (much to the management’s dismay), there can’t have been a single person in the house who wasn’t having the best St. Patrick’s Day possible.

With support from White Collar Boy, Ships, Sleep Thieves and a closing set from Acid Future, Le Galaxie transported The Button Factory back about twenty years with something which sounded like the best music of the eighties, only better—and with a lot less acid-wash denim.

Check out their awesome video for Love System below and if you like what you hear you can keep up with them on Facebook and Twitter!

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