Let me introduce you to Franko Franko.

One of my very favourite things about living in Ireland is the abundance of great new music just waiting to be discovered. No matter where you are, there’s always going to be an exciting band looking for an audience, and so, saying that, let me draw your attentions to a band I stumbled upon a few short months ago.

Hailing from Dublin, they’re called Franko Franko, and I suppose it’s hard to say exactly what they are. Citing everyone from Led Zeppelin to The Chemical Brothers as their influences, they’re certainly trying to cater to a broad demographic. A unique brand of alternative rock, you’re met with synthesisers, psychedelic guitar riffs and a flurry of 1960s vocal harmony; it’s an eclectic mixture of sounds which the band just so happen to do really rather well.

I finally got the chance to see them in Sweeney’s on Saturday the 9th of February, and though the set was short, it really gave me an idea as to how the band interact with one another on stage, and how the songs translate to the live environment. As is so often the case, the sound in Sweeney’s wasn’t always the best, but despite this, some real moments of brilliance shone through. Whilst there was an unfortunate lack of bass to be heard, songs like Little Big Mind and the superbly-titled Dance Muthafucka Dance had the audience intrigued and alluded to a band capable of great things.

If you want to check out what these guys have to offer, I’d head on over to their Soundcloud or Youtube, where they have some demos uploaded for your listening pleasure! The good news is that work has now begun on their début EP, something I myself am certainly looking forward to hearing. Until then though, you can keep up with them by giving them a like on Facebook or following them on Twitter!


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