Why Am I The One – fun.

The most adorable suitcase in all the world

Goodness me it’s an overwhelming day for music videos! This one is from indie-pop troubadours fun. for their song Why Am I The One from 2012’s Some Nights album.

It’s one of my favourite tracks from the album, and the video stars a really adorable suitcase. No, really, it basically has a face.
It’s the unfortunate story of three band members who lose their suitcase containing a keyboard and a guitar, which then goes on a bizarre trip around America.

The song itself is a smashing fun. ballad, and though you’ve probably already heard it as it was released last year, I’ll just take this chance to remind you that there’s a lot more to fun.’s songs than at face value. The lyrics are superbly written and Ruess’ powerful vocals take centre stage as per usual, and though I won’t say too much about it—because I’ve said it before—I do think that Ruess is the heart and soul of that band.

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