Tiny Dancer: A song for Lily-Mae.

There’s a rather important song out at the moment which I think you should all know about, a song which I should have blogged about sooner, but hey, it’s better late than never!

In case you haven’t heard, the current number one single in Ireland is Tiny Dancer. No, not sung by Sir Elton John, but instead, a charity cover of the 70s anthem by charity effort, A Song For Lily-Mae.

Let me first introduce you to-Lily Mae. She’s a four year old girl from Claregalway who was diagnosed with Stage IV Neuroblastoma a few short months ago. If like me, you hadn’t heard of Neuroblastoma, I can now tell you that it’s a rare and aggressive cancer of the nervous system, most often seen in children.
The fact that it’s a relatively unknown form of cancer means that this campaign goes above and beyond most charity singles; not only will this campaign help to fund the care of Lily-Mae, but will also aim to raise awareness of Neuroblastoma so that one day people won’t have to search for it, and hopefully one day soon there’ll be a cure.

A Song For Lily-Mae.

The song is a personal favourite of mine, and probably the highlight of Elton John’s career, so to hear such effort and such love put into recording this song for a cause as important as this, well, it’s just something else. It’s also nice to know that the song got a little bit of promotion from Elton John and Bernie Taupin themselves, so fair play to them both for giving it a mention on their respective websites! There are over 200 voices on this track, with participants including Paddy Casey, Declan O’Rourke, Mundy, Mary Black, Mal Tuohy of The Riptide Movement, Brian Hogan of both Kila and Preacher’s Son, Shane O’Reilly of Bipolar Empire, Gavin James, Adela Meally & Ros O’Meara of Adela and the Meanits and Lily-Mae’s father, Leighton Morrison himself.

Every little effort you put in can make a difference, be it purchasing the single, making a donation or just sharing it with your friends. Spread the word; help Lily-Mae’s story be heard. Whilst Lily-Mae herself has already suffered the full force of Neuroblastoma, perhaps increased research could help to cure or even prevent children just like her go through the same thing.

Help make Tiny Dancer: A Song For Lily-Mae number one for Christmas!

Make sure to watch the fantastic video for the song below, and then download the song here.

Find A Song For Lily-Mae on FacebookTwitter and Fundit.


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