What a (Rag)night.

Raglans – Upstairs at Whelan’s (28th August 2012)

Seriously, if you haven’t been to see these guys, you’re really missing out.

There’s no excuse for it either, over the summer there were numerous opportunities to see Raglans all over the country, sometimes for free. For free.

I caught them live for the first time at Festival of the Fires earlier this year, and I’ve caught Ragfever! Last night was my eighth time seeing them, and by far the best show I’ve seen them do; the atmosphere was absolutely buzzing. It was hot and sweaty, the floor was beginning to quake under the fervidly ferocious foot-stomping, whilst the crowd-surfers were almost taking out the speakers… a pretty damn perfect recipe for success if you ask me!

Raglans’ set lists are always fresh and fluid, and last night they opened with a rousing rendition of Down, followed by a strategic mix of songs from both their first and second EPs, and one or two unrecorded gems such as High Road; there simply wasn’t a dull moment! (Though, perhaps the most enthusiastic audience in the world had some part in making it the totally unforgettable show that it turned out to be…) Their harmonies are tight, the mandolin perfectly executed, and their songwriting is wonderfully polished for a band that’s only just celebrated it’s second anniversary. Each song was performed with the passion and conviction of a band twice their age, a sure sign of the really great things we should be expecting from this band in the near future.

So, if you’re in need of a seriously crazy gig or some ridiculously catchy tunes, you need these guys in your life! In fact, I suggest that you get yourself into Tower Records to pick up their latest EP (it’s only a fiver!) and then head on over to http://raglans.bandcamp.com/ and download the first one for free! You can’t really go wrong!

Go on, have faith in me, trust my judgement! Actually, trust my judgement and the fact that the Raglads are some of the nicest fellas you’ll ever meet, I’ll take this opportunity to thank them once again for their hospitality and generosity last night, cheers guys! #raglove

Oh and if you’re lucky enough to be heading to Electric Picnic, be sure to check them out at the Salty Dog Stage on the Sunday at five o’clock!

N.B. What I am somewhat worried about though, is what on earth those head-mounted cameras were there for… considering I was front row, there’s every chance that they managed to capture about a hundred beautiful action shots of me dancing away and singing my heart out…

Ste wearing the suspicious camera...


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